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Design and build a spin coater

I describe how I designed and built a spincoater, and how you can use a similar motor control system in your own projects.

Firmware with I2C and Arduino library

Compile instructions

Flash tool to download firmware (and other helpful features)

Arduino code and assembly for motor ESC

Practical Engineering : Some very cool tidbits on this. You aren't kidding about RC being a whole new world. That hobby has been around forever but as soon as LiPo batteries and cheap brushless motors became easily available, it seems like things exploded.
NightHawkInLight : Very nice build! As someone who really needs to work on improving my knowledge of electronics I appreciate your thoroughness in describing the how and why of various components.
Henner Zeller : Now if you add a LED blinking always at the same time at each rotation for stroboscopic effect, you can even see how the setup looks like and the layer thins while in progress. Maybe not very useful while in high-speed mode, but while dispensing the liquid manually (you even can make it have a slightly lower frequency to have it look like rotating slowly - that way you have a natural indicator to avoid hitting the poking-out screw with your pipette).
Jon Miller : I really appreciate how you share not just your design, but also how you arrived at your design, including options you considered then rejected, and options you tried before rejecting. I don't expect to ever have use for a spin coater myself, but I learn enough from all of your videos that they are always worth watching. Thank you!
Ryan Elmendorf : I'm guessing someone has already mentioned this but that weird little "adjustable zener" circuit reminds me of the dump resistors on superconductors. I think all you are missing is a load to keep the fet from popping if it ever turns all the way on. Like a piece of nicrome wire between the FET and Vcc as a current limiting resistor.

Manual spin coater Labspin Training

Süss MicroTec model LabSpin6 TT introduction at Nanolab in Lyngby.
I throughout introduction regarding bowl sets, safety, recipe, quick start and the cleaning procedure when working with this manual spinner for e.g. resist coating

How to create a thin-film using a vacuum-free spin coater (Quickstart guide)

Spin coating is often used as the starting point and reference for many thin-film processes, even if they will eventually get mass-produced using printing-based techniques.

This guide teaches you how to create high quality thin-films using the Ossila Spin Coater.

Find out more about this product: www.ossila.com/products/spin-coater
Niswatul Abidah : How speed and time do you use, sir? and your precusor have low viscosity or high viscosity? Thank you




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