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WECare: How to Put On a Case

In this episode, WE show you how to put on and take off cases the easy way.

Silicone Case
TPU Case
Hybrid Case
1 Piece Hard Cover
2 Piece Hard Cover

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Hey guys, my name's Mai and this is WECare, where we tell you really bad jokes. Oh and some helpful tips and tricks for your cellphone. Hey, did you hear what happened yesterday? No, What? This rubber band pistol got taken away in algebra class. because it was considered a weapon of math disruption. So have you ever had trouble putting on case or taking off a case. Easy installation? What are you?! What are yooou?! well we got you covered. Alright lets start with an easy one, this one is silicone. It's super flexible. Should be easy. I usually like to start with the bottom side in first. There we go. Work your way around. Stretch it over, super stretchy. Boom, there you go, it's on. Lets take it off. Start with the corners pop this off, pop this off, Boom! Next is the TPU. It's similar to the silicone, still flexible,so it should be easy as well. Boom, bottom side in. Boom, corner corner. Same thing to take it off. Boom corners, pops right out. Alright here's the hybrid case, it's very popular. It's actually two pieces. Here we go. It's the hard plastic piece in the back the soft silicone. Same thing, bottom side in. Boom, now press in the corners. Boom. Very easy. Now, to take it off, just the corners again, should pop right out. There you go. Alright here we got the slim case.the hardcover one piece. First, to put it on, put the side in, then, push the corners in. Boom, its on. taking it off is a little more difficult, but with a couple tries, you'll easily take it, off. Start with the corner. Should pop right off. Here we go the design faceplate, it's the
two-piece hardcover so we got the back and front. Lets line up the ports. Here we go and snap it in. work your way around. there you go. Now the hard part is taking it off, a dime, putting it in the little slot that they have. and turning it. It should take off the corner. at which point you can just pull off the other sides, There you go. Alright guys, I hope this video was helpful to you. Leave a comment
below with any suggestions, questions, a bad joke, maybe we'll use it in the next video. Or twit us at twitter. like us on facebook and SUBSCRIBE for more! we care about you, only about you!
superatech : Mai, thank you for your video.
I bought a hybrid case 2 weeks ago and I was writing to the company b/c I wanted to return it; it didn't fit. Watching your video made me think that maybe MY case could come apart and sure enough the silicon wrap could come off; underneath was 2 parts that snapped apart to form the inner case. Once I got that inner hard case apart I was able to place my phone, snap the second half over it and put the silicon part over the whole thing, but if it wasn't for you, I never would have thought that my case came apart.
Thank you.
ashakti : Thank you, your video was really helpful for my 2-piece hard case.
Judy Dudek : Thank you from a senior. mine was a 2 piece hard & soft. Very helpful
hiddentreazure : Wish it were this easy. I have the hybrid and it keeps popping out. Can't even get the hard plastic piece to sync with the bendable piece...which your video magically skips over lol
Kavier Gaming : wow now i know how to put a case on my cellphone!

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OS : Android 10(LineageOS 17.1)

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