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Riding a Motorcycle 100,000 miles in 100 days?

Chris Hopper, just rode his 2021 Road Glide 100,000 miles for 100 days straight and raised 100,000 dollars for charity! we talk about the haters and the doubters

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BikesBeardsAndBrews : When I see people tearing down people that are genuinely try to do good things they are generally people that don't do anything and usually get offended when someone else is. It's crazy. Great vid man and congrats to Hopps!
Ride of the Valkyrie - Dan Lockhart : What an incredible accomplishment for Chris. As they say, haters gonna hate. Really not worth the bother, brother. Thanks, Salty.
SkeleSteve : That's one hell of a feat! Good on Chris for getting it done and putting it towards a great cause!!
Hambone : Congrats to Chris. 100k is more than most people put on in a decade. Imagine how tired and sore you would be after 10 days, and being tough enough to keep at it knowing you have 90 more to go. Absolutely incredible. Hope I get to meet him in person sometime.
KODE GREY : That distance each day for that many days is crazy!! Big kudos to him!! I wouldn't even attempt something like that.
And those people that don't believe he did it....well...those are probably the same people that think the earth is flat!!


The default aircraft profiles are often difficult to understand and manage. This guide will help you create your own profiles for your aircraft. In Part 1 of this configuration guide series we set up all the common functions to the axis and buttons on the VelocityOne Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant. In part 2, (which will be coming shortly) we will configure the VelocityOne Flight with different profiles to suit different aircraft types.

VelocityOne Flight Review:

Turtle Beach V1F details: https://uk.turtlebeach.com/pages/velocity-one-flight
Turtle Beach Simulation Discord Link: https://discord.gg/JMGjPcqMEj

00:00 Introduction \u0026 Series Format
02:36 Creating A New Profile
03:37 Configuring the Yoke
19:45 Flight Test
22:51 Coming Up

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Looking for help with MSFS, then check out my HOW TO GUIDES, link to playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyT1Loyov5iZU38-D8xEwhTyKqES4_e9

MSFS on Xbox playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyT1Loyov5iQ04lKSrCJe6Ez1TdsHYps

Thanks for watching
WillemFS : Soothing as always. Thanks for your energy Mark!
John Coles : Thanks Mark for your easy to follow tutorials. Looking forward to part two.
Christian Hauberg : Thanks Mark. I appreciate your good work.
MANUEL ALBERTO SANCHEZ Chaparro : Vuelo con Fligth Simulator de Microsoft desde 1995 y Ahora Xplane 11 y Fligth Simulator de Microsoft 2020,
Dave Conder : I can’t get msfs to recognize my Virpil controllers after I after I Cabinda everything and I go to fly it shows me an Xbox controller to configure if I just fly anyway I have no control of anything any idea how to eliminate the Xbox controller


November 27, 2021
Sen Kids : Magandang gabi mga kasenkids at kalahi maraming salamat sa suportang tunay!!tulugan na maaga pa bukas good night mga kasenkids..
: Solid boss bry, napaka bait mo sa mga kasamahan mo
joshua cabz : Angas nang walkman mo boss bry. Favorite ko yung tinira nyang "sekai ga owaru made wa" ending theme ng SLAMDUNK yan . More power and subs para sayo boss . Godbless
AG's SPORTS : Suportang tunay boss bry
Buratisim Taroy : basta solid vlog mo kuya bry! Oneday anjan naden ako nakaka inspire kayo pag patuloy nyo lang andito kami naka suporta!!




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