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Nature Valley Protein Oats & Honey | Satz mit X...

Ich teste für euch die Nature Valley Protein Bars Oat \u0026 Honey #naturevalley #oats #protein
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Luca : : Kollagen. Ich versteh es nicht.. wieso muss das sein?☹ Inbesondere hier muss ich dir total recht geben. Nature Valley suggeriert eher vegan, da muss sowas nicht rein...
Neelia Miyu : Also von den Zutaten her würde ich es definitiv nicht kaufen! Habe von der Marke aber noch nie was getestet, hat mich irgendwie nie so angesprochen. Aber mein Papa mag die mit Erdnuss von der Marke Danke für deine tollen Rewievs
Tim-Philipp Hödl : Den Unmut über die Zutaten finde ich nachvollziehbar. Die Marke inszeniert sich nach meinem Empfinden als naturverbunden bzw. -belassen. Auf der Website werben sie sogar mit "Zutaten, die man sehen kann". Da würde ich als Verbraucher mindestens vegetarische, vor allem aber wenig verarbeitete Riegel erwarten. Kollagenhydrosalat hat da schlicht nichts im Produkt verloren. Ganz klare Sache für mich.
Anna Bolika : Kollagenhydrolysat ist eh ein Protein was nur wenig bis gar nicht für den Muskelaufbau geeignet ist, es kann maximal dem Knorpel im Körper positiv dienen.
Oder täusche ich mich da?
Rolf Dieter : Ich bin deiner Meinung, Konsistenz mag ich aber beim Geschmack bin ich auch zwiegespalten.

Nature Valley Explains Why Its Granola Bars Are Such a Mess—and How to Eat Them Properly

If you’ve ever had a Nature Valley granola bar, you know the struggle: a steady and ruinous rain of crumbs from the moment you open the package. But the bars are processed snacks—why not just engineer out the crumbs?

When we called Nature Valley’s headquarters outside Minneapolis, recipe developers told us why they have no intention of creating a less messy bar—and to our slight surprise, they also agreed, on camera, to show us their best methods for eating the bars without bringing on the crumb apocalypse.
Ryan Dodd : You really just have to eat them outside where the crumbs don’t matter
Stephanie Cuellar : l for one prefer a crunchy granola bar over the soft ones. The soft ones just remind me of an overgrown rice crispy treat.
Acidic Battery ❤️ : Who else clicked only because your addicted to Nature Valley bars?
I guess I’m the most only one!
They are not that hard to bite, once you get used to it
abelthink : Thank you so much for this video! As a person who eats them in a regular basis, it helped me a lot.
Killatunga : They're really not that hard to eat, guys

How To Make Healthy Nature Valley Oats & Honey Bars


Rolled oats - 1 \u0026 1/4 cup
Brown sugar /coconut sugar- 2 tablespoons
Virgin coconut oil - 2 tablespoons
Honey - 2 tablespoons
Baking soda - 1/4 teaspoon
Salt - one pinch
Amanda Garthe : These were really good and crispy! I’ve tried lots of granola recipes and this reminds me of the nature valley ones (I think that’s the brand). I made a double batch and put them in a 9x11 baking dish lined with parchment paper. I baked them at 350 for 30 minutes but next time I’ll try 25 minutes...they were a little too caramelized for me..but still delicious. Thank you for posting recipe :) definitely will be making them again. (I let them cool 10 minutes before cutting them)
NV H : I loveeeee this recipe. Thanks so much! I swapped the coconut oil for avocado oil and added 2 tbsps pumpkin seeds and 2 tbsps chopped peanuts. I baked at 300F for 25 mins. Came out perfect!
smile : What a great recipe, followed it exactly the way you showed, cant believe it just tastes like nature valley oat bar, inspite of me adding brown sugar in place of coconut sugar, just cant imagine I can do this now, most recipes show tons of ingredients and tons of honey and sugar. But this is just the best I have ever made. Thanks a lot. Please post other variations of nature valley such as chocolate peanut butter etc. Cant wait for your recipes
Atoya Clarke : I just made this . It taste so good
kallu sij : Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe




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